I just finished a song titled, “IF FAITH BROUGHT YOU THIS FAR”, which ended up leaving me in the most peaceful state. I’ve made many decisions in life; ones that I’m proud of, ones that I can’t believe I made, ones that I probably couldn’t make again knowing what I know now, and every one of them led me to where I am sitting today – Pretty amazing isn’t it? This thing that we call life isn’t formulated but rather created as we move forward.  My faith is what keeps me pressing forward; faith in GOD, Faith in the WORD of GOD, Faith in my gifts and talents, and Faith in people; this one always disappoints!

I know some of you may not be believers in CHRIST and I’m not here to sway you. I’m here to share my journey with those who take an interest, and to give the credit to the ONE who sets my feet on solid ground!

6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Heb 11:6

Faith is something that we all have been given, and the more of it we can receive, the bigger the reward. So, my dear lovelies, dream BIG, hope BIG, ask BIG, do BIG, and receive BIG! If you have a willing heart and active hands, then the only limit to what you can accomplish in this life, is time: Old man time is not on our side but we can make the most of the days that we have left by pressing forward.

Go far my friend and don’t settle for seconds.

Until next time,
How far will you go?
Love, Destiny 😘

2018 © My words of Encouragement, rhymes, and sayings are a copyright of me, Destiny Buss, & CYU Publishing. Please like and share, and give credit where it’s due..
It’s polite and compulsory.



Singer / Songwriter. This site is intended to introduce and showcase samples of my creative works and writings. All of my material is copyright original with NO blurred lines! I offer lyrics, songs, skits, and jingles for licensing, and commissioned work specific to your needs and project.

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